AQIVA is a voluntary organisation dedicated to championing the Amphitheatre, Querns Wood and Four Acre Field from which we take our name. Our mission is to maintain and help develop these important community spaces for everyone to enjoy.

AQIVA is open to all who would like to join and is entirely free.

What does AQIVA do?

AQIVA engages in a range of activities, from gardening and conservation, to stewarding and education, As a member, there are a host of roles you can fulfill and activities to take part in. Whether you’re interested in rolling up your sleeves and working the soil, helping at in-person events, contribute to communications or just want to get involved with a local piece of history.

At AQIVA you’ll find a diverse group of people who share a love of history, conservation and community.

AQIVA hedge planting

Caring for green spaces

AQIVA work in co-ordination with Cirencester Town Council to provide ideas and able bodies to work on improving the green spaces.

In summer 2021, members of AQIVA planted native hedges along the eastern boundary of Four Acre Field (pictured). These hedges provide important habits for insects and birds.


Our mission

Our aim, in the broadest possible sense, is to be involved in the promotion, development and protection  of the complex, focussing in different ways, as appropriate, on history, heritage, health, leisure, education and the environment, with something for all ages.

With a combination of projects, events and activities, we have a series of short, medium and longer term objectives, some simple, some considerably more ambitious. We hope that we can be part of creating a legacy that will bring enjoyment and benefits to local residents, as well as the town as a whole, for many years to come.

Dig parties

The wide beds that shepherd visitors past the Obelisk and on toward the Amphitheatre need a lot of maintenance.

AQIVA arrange dig parties throughout spring, summer and early autumn to tend the beds, removing weeds and planting new plants.

AQIVA members weeding
Roman soldiers

Public events

In 2019, members of the Ermin Street Guard took centre stage at the Amphitheatre and gave a wonderful show of Roman military culture, including a working trebuchet that hurled more than one watermelon into the woods.


How do I join AQIVA?

You can join AQIVA simply by completing the form below or sending us an email.

Keep up to date with our newsletter

Find out all about our events and activities past, present and future in our quarterly AQIVA newsletter.

AQIVA Newsletter: Autumn 2019

AQIVA Newsletter: Autumn 2019

Autumn 19 We haven’t got as many photos as usual this time round, no kids, no Roman armies, no flowers or animals. But, hey folks, see below, we’ve won an award, for work done in clearing around, improving access to and developing/maintaining the obelisk area. (CPRE =...

AQIVA Newsletter: Summer 2019

AQIVA Newsletter: Summer 2019

Summer 19 Our last newsletter was sent out late April, since when we have had a multitude of seasons so we thought we’d start this time with some of the flora and fauna that have been showing their faces between then and now. Bluebells and bees; cowslips; speckled...

AQIVA Newsletter: Winter 2018 – Spring 2019

AQIVA Newsletter: Winter 2018 – Spring 2019

Winter 2018 – Spring 2019 A long gap since the last newsletter, but it has been a very quiet winter period and things have only started to kick off again in recent weeks. Thanks once more to the Chesterton Community group for organising a litter pick in April around...

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