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AQIVA Newsletter: Autumn 2022

AQIVA Newsletter: Autumn 2022

The opening paragraph and picture of our previous newsletter were the sad image of a large pile of rubbish collected from around the...

The triumphant return of the Romans

The triumphant return of the Romans

On October 2nd we welcomed back the Ermine Street Guard, who treated the Cirencester crowds to rousing displays to Roman military tactics.

Cirencester Amphitheatre view from top

Cirencester Amphitheatre

Explore the giant earth works of one of the largest amphitheatres in Roman Britain.

Querns Wood

Querns Wood

A beautiful and calming piece of woodland with some beautiful trees and easy, well-kept pathways connecting the Amphitheatre to Four Acre Field.

Four Acres Field

Four Acre Field

A humble green field that’s popular with dog walkers, ball game players and local people looking for a nice walk from Chesterton.

The obelisk

The Obelisk

An enigmatic structure with an elusive history, the obelisk stands beside the scout hut and is a great point to enter the Amphitheatre complex.

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