Four Acre Field

A simple, yet picturesque field beloved by dog-walkers and weekend footballers, Four Acre Field takes you from Chesterton Lane or Cotswold Close and into Querns Wood. 

But even this humble four acres of grass has things to offer in its own right, with an elegent bench commemorating the First World War, outdoor gym equipment and striking sunsets over the woods.

A green space popular with locals

Enter Four Acre Field at just about any time of the day and you’re likely to see people throwing a ball for their dog, enjoying the sunshine on a bench, or doing a few reps on the gym equipment.

First world war memorial bench

Take in the scenery

The memorial bench featuring soldiers, nurses and horses, commemorating not just the fighting men, but the women and work animals who took part in the First World War was installed in 2019.

Outdoor gym equipment

Turn your walk into a workout with a range of outdoor gym equipment along the south western edge of Querns Wood.


Outdoor gym equipment
Four Acres Field volleyball

Two boys set up a volleyball net in Four Acre Field – September 2021

Where is Four Acre Field?

Four Acre field is most directly accessible from Chesterton Lane, but there is also an entrance at the end of Cotswold Close.

Two paths at either end of the tree line take you into Querns Wood.

Four Acre Field is most directly accessible from Chesterton Lane.

AQIVA and Four Acres Field

AQIVA hedge planting

Native Hedging

With support and materials from Cirencester Town Council, AQIVA planted a new row of native hedging along the eastern edge of Four Acres Field.


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