AQIVA Newsletter: Summer 2015

August 7, 2015

posted by joannatubbs

The ground along this strip had been left undisturbed for a great many years, and the preparation that was carried out prior to sowing never was going to clear everything that had been so long established, so the brambles and other vegetation that were there have started to reclaim their territory. Nevertheless, a good start was made and we will have to see what might be achieved next time round.

The benches and notice board have now been delivered and we are now trying to organise installation.

The Obelisk

The pathway around and up to the obelisk has now been completed, the “Bridge over the River Kwern” is in place and open for use, as are the steps leading from the bridge up the viewing platform at the edge of the Amphitheatre by the entrance from Cotswold Avenue. There is tidying up work still to be completed around the area, although much has already been done.

The car park by the scout hut has had something of a makeover, with low fencing and shrubs planted along the back. In addition, wild flowers have been sown by the scouts between the obelisk and the drystone wall.

Work to prepare the information board continues, and funding is still being sought to do maintenance work on the obelisk itself.

The Amphitheatre

To repeat something from our previous newsletter, for those of you who would like more information about the vision for the whole amphitheatre complex, the final version of the 10 year Master Plan can be found on the town council website:

A lengthy document, but a summary of the various actual proposed phased projects can be found at appendix D, pages 53-70. Inevitably, as circumstances change, there may be modifications to this, and some projects are easier to achieve than others! But do have a look if you can.

Querns Wood

The council are awaiting cost estimates and clearance from English Heritage regarding the proposed improved access from the woods into the amphitheatre.

Four Acre Field

Wild flower sowing is now complete: for those who haven’t seen the signs around the field, a bumble bee mix has been sown along the side nearest to, and running parallel with, Cotswold Avenue. This was done on 26th March by a group of children from Chesterton Primary School. In addition, the same mix as used last year has been put down along the top of the slope on the Querns Wood side, but just a little higher up than previously. The area which was sown last year has been left to see what happens, and flowers have already started to come through. Finally, yet more seed has been sown in the corner by the walk through into Querns Wood (Cotswold Close side).

Within the next few weeks, we will have 3 benches in various positions around the field, but located in a way that will not interfere with any of the existing recreational activities that take place. We hope that everyone will enjoy them: equally, we hope that everyone will respect them. There will also be a notice board, situated by the entrance from Chesterton Lane. These are small starting steps following our consultation last year.

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