The Whereat Trail, Cirencester landmarks

October 23, 2021

posted by joannatubbs

A classic walk taking in many of the most historically significant landmarks in Cirencester.

The Whereat Trail begins at the Corinium Museum and leads to Cirencester’s Roman Amphitheatre, passing many sites of interest on the way.

Simply head for the museum on Park Street (why not visit the Roman exhibition while you’re there?) then follow these signs to take you on route to the amphitheatre. Keep scrolling to download a leaflet with all the details.

As it’s on the edge of town, visitors sometimes wonder how to find the amphitheatre in Cirencester, and this trail is a great way to travel there.

The walk from the Corinium Museum to the amphitheatre will take around 15 minutes and the entire route will take around 50 minutes. Neither of these estimates includes time to stop and explore attractions – we recommend allowing a couple of hours to make the most of exploring the amphitheatre, Querns Wood and the Church of St. John Baptist. Add in trips to the museum, air raid shelter museum, pool, Cirencester Park and Cirencester’s many fantastic cafés and you could make a day of it! Use the links below to check up-to-date opening times, prices and booking requirements.

Whereat Trail featured

Download a leaflet detailing The Whereat Trail here:

Here are the other attractions you’ll pass on the way:

  1. The Corinium Museum – award-winning museum showcasing important discoveries from Roman Corinium (today known as Cirencester) as well as telling the story of Cirencester from prehistory to today.
  2. The Bathurst Estate – spot the tallest yew hedge in the UK!
  3. Cirencester Memorial Centre – read the WWI Roll of Honour commemorating Cirencester’s fallen.
  4. The Old Hospital Cottages – home of the Living Memory Historical Association’s hospital air raid shelter museum 
  5. West Gate of Roman Corinium
  6. 19th Century Obelisk
  7. Roman Amphitheatre – read our history here
  8. Querns Wood – a pocket of community woodlands between the amphitheatre and Cirencester Hospital
  9. Cirencester Park – open 8am to 5pm, click here to find walking trails across the Bathurst Estate
  10. Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool – dive in to this heated pool of natural spring water between May and September. Be sure to check the site for opening times and current booking requirements before your visit.
  11. Parish Church of St. John Baptist – one of the largest parish churches in the country which has been a place of Christian worship for well over a thousand years.

The Whereat Trail was set up to commemorate Norman Whereat, who spent many years serving the Cirencester community as a Town Councillor, Mayor, Churchman, Auxilliary Fireman, Football Referee, and so much more. He called the Amphitheatre “a hidden gem” and often walked there.

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