Big Storm Causes Tree To Block Pathway To Amphitheatre!

February 18, 2022

posted by joannatubbs

Update 24th February 2022: The pathway has now been cleared

Our friends at the Cirencester Town Council and English Heritage acted swiftly and have now cleared the fallen tree that was blocking the path from Cotswold Avenue to the Amphitheatre.

Storm Eunice, called “one of the worst storms in three decades” by BBC Weather, has caused havoc across southern Britain on Friday 18th February 2022, and Cirencester Amphitheatre hasn’t escaped the gales. A large tree has fallen across the path leading from the gateway on Cotswold Avenue into the Amphitheatre, making the site inaccessible.

Blocked path from the Cotswold Avenue entrance to the Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre can also be accessed via Four Acre Field and Cirencester Hospital, but both routes involve walking through woodland which is not advised during high winds.

The fallen tree has been reported to Cirencester Town Council and this post will be updated once the Amphitheatre is accessible once more. Sabrina Dixon Poole, Councillor for Four Acres Ward, advises: “If you see any other fallen trees/dangerous debris from Storm Eunice in Cirencester’s public parks, email” Meanwhile, find updates on Storm Eunice on the Met Office website and keep safe!

Update Monday 21st February: Work has started to clear the fallen tree – thanks to Cirencester Town Council for such a speedy response. Access to the site is possible via Four Acre Field, Querns Wood and Cirencester Hospital. Coming from the gate on Cotswold Avenue involves a bit of a scramble!

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